Community Development Corporation of Sault Ste. Marie & Area


General Information

  • Location - Highway 17 North
  • Population in 1994 - 58
  • Access - Land


Mamainse Harbour is the home of the Ferroclad Fishery, a division of Presteve Foods Limited. Residents here are associated with the catch, processing and transportation of commercial fish of eastern Lake Superior. Large parcels of lands within this area are patented as mining lands acquired as part of the development of the Copper Corp mine. Early explorers were the first to record First Nations people gathering malleable surface copper from ridges in the interior. Later, others, including missionaries, developed mine operations along the shoreline. The discovery and mining of minerals at both Point Aux Mines and Theano Point have contributed in their separate ways to Canada’s heritage.

Here too are the attractive sand beaches at Flour and Sawpit Bays separated by the lava flow headlands predominant along this part of the Lake Superior shoreline. Besides the Ferroclad development, other shore parcels have been subdivided for seasonal recreational uses. Recent parcels contain extensive shoreline frontages.