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Laird Township

General Information

  • Location - Highway 17 East
  • Population in 2011 - 1,057
  • Access - Land
  • Official website:


Laird Township is located approximately 30 km east of Sault Ste. Marie along the Trans Canada Highway, which has four lanes stretching north-south through the Township’s borders. The Lake George portion of the St. Mary’s River forms its western border, while its eastern boundary is found along the foothills of the Canadian Shield.

Europeans began settling the area in the early 1870s. Land survey reports at the time recognized Laird Township for its agricultural potential, noting its good quality land, including several tracts of open prairie. Agriculture remains a major element of the community’s identity today. Logging was also an active industry in Laird Township throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Early settlement was concentrated along the Bar River, which provided the name for the central hamlet of the Township. The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1887 prompted a period of rapid population growth throughout the area and the Township of Laird became incorporated in 1891.

Those interested in learning more about Laird Township are encouraged to visit the Laird Historical Centre, located on Highway 17 East near Pumpkin Point Road.

Due to its close proximity to the Village of Echo Bay and the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Laird Township provides residents and tourists with access to the conveniences of a large community while at the same time maintaining its rural character.

Laird boasts many recreational activities available to residents and visitors. Also available are convenience stores and a home-style café.

Cottages and permanent residents are located on the shoreline of Lake George. As part of the St. Marys River between Lakes Huron and Superior, Lake George also provides a sheltered refuge for both small and larger recreational watercraft. A public boat launch located at the end of Pumpkin Point Road West provides access for small watercraft.

Baseball fields are located at Laird Central School and the North Shore Agricultural Fairgrounds. Laird’s Centennial Park is a day park with a small beach and playground located on the shore of Lake George at the end of Pumpkin Point Road. Situated in the bay along Pumpkin Point Road, the Pumpkin Point Road Bird Watching Station attracts nature enthusiasts from throughout the region. The spring migration of waterfowl includes excellent opportunities for viewing Pintail, Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal, and American Widgeon. Further inland, naturalists will be able to identify former glacial lake shorelines and view Sandhill Cranes in the summer and depending upon the severity of the season, a variety of owls in the winter.

Laird Township has also become well known for the Laird International Raceway. People from far and wide enjoy Sunday afternoons through May and June and Thursday nights through July and August watching local and out-of-town drivers compete in various classes. Laird International Raceway has steadily increased in popularity.

There is also a small airstrip operated by Sky Services which provides services for private aircraft. The airstrip is located at the end of Lake George Road West.

The North Shore Agricultural Fair, also known as the ‘Laird Fair” takes place annually on the second weekend of August. This weekend-long event attracts visitors from across the Algoma District and Ontario, as well as United States. Agricultural activities, including a horse show and competition, craft displays, bake sales and a baseball tournament are some of the many attractions for the whole family.

With an abundant and reliable snowfall during the winter months, winter is also a lively time for Laird. The Echo Bay Snow Falcons maintain groomed trails in Laird Township providing an ideal location for snowmobiling. The G. W. Evoy Community rink located in Bar River is an outdoor facility providing a site for recreational hockey and skating throughout the winter months. It is also the location of an annual Winter Carnival held near the end of January.

For information on Laird Township, contact the Municipal Office at (705) 248-2395.

Contact Sky Services at (705) 248-2158 for airstrip information.