Community Development Corporation of Sault Ste. Marie & Area


General Information

  • Location - Highway 17 North
  • Population in 1994 - 359
  • Access - Land


Havilland and Harmony Bays form part of Batchawana Bay. Along the shore, permanent and seasonal recreational residential development has occurred taking advantage of the scenic vistas offered of the Bays and rugged uplands surrounding them. Restaurants and accommodation facilities are associated with both Havilland and Harmony Bays. Logging occurs on the large private land holdings and in the interior using the Mile 38 and Wolf Lake resource access roads.

In the summer, both residents and non-residents are attracted to the sand beaches associated with the government picnic/access sites for bathing and picnicking. Angling is a popular activity for many using boats (in the Bays) and by stream fishing along Chippewa River, Harmony River, Stokely Creek, and Jones Creek.

In the winter, snowmobile access is provided to Havilland Bay by a snowmobile trail that links to the main north trail connecting Searchmont and Heyden. Ice fishing is a popular activity, offshore of the mouth of the Chippewa River and in the Havilland Bay area.